Pokemon is an adventure RPG franchise developed by Nintendo.

Pokemon sets you off in an adventure where you catch many different creatures called Pokemon and keep them as companions or send them into battle against other players. Pokemon are kept in small capsules called Pokeballs for easy storage. Did you know that Pokemon comes from the words "Pocket" and "Monster"? Hence, the name, "Pokemon".


There are many games in the series with each having their own story. In most stories, you are a kid ready to set off on a journey on your own in the region the story is set in. Here you would discover new cities, pokemon, people and events. You are also encouraged by the professor of the region to catch and evolve all the pokemon that are available. Not only that, but you're also tasked to complete the gym challenge in which you face off Pokemon experts. Once complete, you are eligible to compete in the Pokemon League in which you face the best of the best challengers.

In Pokemon's turn-based combat system, your Pokemon has a set amount of Health Points(HP), Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. They are also given up to four moves to use which range from direct attacks, or status moves such as putting an opponent's Pokemon to sleep. Use these to defeat all of your opponent's Pokemon to claim the victory!

Pokemon Battle (Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green)

In later games of the series, there are new mechanics built into the battle system. This includes things like Mega Evolution where fully evolved pokemon can evolve even further and become much more stronger. Another one is Dynamaxing where your pokemon will grow tremendously in size and strength for a short amount of turns.

Dynamax Pokemon

Latest Title in the Series

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield