Overwatch is an team-based, action, multiplayer game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch is heavily multiplayer based and is set in a first-person persepctive. Players are divided into two teams of six and each choose a character to complete different objectives. You may sometimes be tasked to capture a point, escort a payload, or both at once.

Overwatch gameplay

There are over 30 characters in Overwatch to choose from. Each character is divided into three main categories: Support, Tank, and Damage. Each of these categories are self explanatory. All characters in Overwatch, like other games, have unique abilities that cater to their role. Each character design is made very differently so it's easy to distinguish when out in the field.

Overwatch characters

Much like League of Legends, Overwatch is also considered an Esport. Overwatch is mostly popular in Asian and European like Korea and London.

Overwatch League

The lore of Overwatch isn't that extensive, but it takes place roughly 60 years after present day earth. Humans live alongside with robots called Omnics coming together as a society. This is until the Omnics decide to bandle up and fight against their creators. The humans put together a team called "Overwatch" to fend off the Omnics. This is referred ingame as the "Omnic Crisis". With Overwatch now a thing in the past, and members of Overwatch being divided, this is where the game sets in place.