Classroom Questions

This website was intended as a final Web Design Project. That being said, the following questions are revolved around that topic.

What was your favourite part about web design?

My favourite part about Web Design is this project. I enjoyed the freedom and creativity of developing a website with each of our projects looking different to each other. All of us have chosen different topics and it's interesting to see how others chose to build ther websites.

What was your least favourite part about web design?

I'd say my least favourite part about Web Design is the length of our second unit. It seemed like there was a lot more information compared to the first unit. If I were to take this course again, I would balance out the two.

What would you change about web design for future classes?

I think I would like to learn more about dropdown menus and especially the contact section of this website. Learning new types of CSS styles and HTML attributes can make web design a lot more interesting. (As it is currently unfinished as of writing this, but the gist of it is there.)